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Hi there,


I'm Julie and I'm a storyboard artist based in Sydney. Welcome to my portfolio!


After graduating from film school, I entered the industry by working on set as a production assistant for numerous short film and music video projects. Doing so has allowed me to gain some hands-on experience as well as a technical understanding of the filmmaking process. 


​Though I have personally directed five short films of my own. I dabbled with storyboarding for my classmate's films and fell in love with the whole process. These days, I'm working with multiple advertising companies to board a huge range of commercial campaigns. While supporting upcoming directors on their short films and recently an aussie feature.

My main focus as an artist is to aid in lifting stories off the page and from the director's mind into something visible for all to see. 

Quick and concise is how I roll. 

With that, I am always looking for exciting projects to work on, so if you would like,

You can reach me at for any inquiries — thank you!

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